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227D190P1 Back Plate
269C260G1 Insulation  
269C283G1 Upper Stud Assembly  
269C283G2 Upper Stud Assembly  
295B460P1 Barrier  
269C257G1 Stationary Contact Assembly  
269C257G2 Stationary Contact Assembly  
269C257G14 Moving Contact  
269C257G15 Moving Contact  
412A250 Spring (Outside Poles)
269C280P5 Spring Clip (Center Pole)  
269C277P9 Barrier  
269C277G1 Cross Bar Assembly  
269C258G3 Pivot  
269C280P8 Spring (Back of Pivot)  
269C258G1 Lower Stud Assembly  
269C258G2 Lower Stud Assembly  
263C526P1 Insulation (Under Lower Stud)  
269C280P7 Support (Outside)  
269C280P6 Support (Intermediate)  
293B288G1 Arc Quencher  
0101C7894G1 Arc Quencher  
269C273G1 Arc Quencher Clamp  
269C273G2 Arc Quencher Clamp  
269C280P4 Stud, Arc Quencher Clamp  
269C280P9 Stud, Arc Quencher Clamp  
177L215P219 Insulation  
0148A1926P4 Insulation  
393A993P9 Stop Nut
412A286 Stationary Contact Spring  
412A208 Movable Contact Spring  
269C277P11 Movable Contact Spring  
269C280P1 Moving Contact Pivot Pin (Center Pole)  
269C280P2 Moving Contact Pivot Pin (Outside Poles)  
0412A0290 Spring  
622C521G1 Magnet and Armature Assembly  
386A163P1 Clamp for EC-2 Trip Device  
6555445P1 Clamp for EC-1 Trip Device  
269C281P5 Retaining Ring  
269C281P6 Retaining Ring  
412A222 Spring  
269C281P3 Retainer  
453A100P2 Contact Finger  
453A129P1 Retainer  
453A129P2 Retainer  
6176109P23 Spacer  
457A681P4 Spacer  
386A110G2 Movable Secondary Disconnects (Drawout Breaker)  
622C505G1 Cutoff Switch (Electrically Operated Breaker)  
432A671G2 Auxiliary Switch
(2 stages)
432A671G5 Auxiliary Switch
(5 stages)
269C268P1 Manual Trip Button  
269C269P12 Trip Label  
412A133 Spring for Manual Trip Button  
622C529G1 Closing Switch  
101C7891G1 Shaft Assembly (Manual Breaker Only)  
101C7891G2 Link Assembly  
259C607G1 Escutcheon, Manual Breaker (Black)  
259C607P10 Escutcheon, Electrically Operated Breaker (Black)  
259C607G2 Escutcheon, Electrically Operated Breaker (With Handle)  
259C607G3 Escutcheon, Manual Breaker (Blue)  
259C607P11 Escutcheon, Electrically Operated Breaker (Blue)  
259C607G4 Escutcheon, Electrically Operated Breaker (Blue)  
259C608G1 Indicator  
276B191P1 Handle (Black)  
669D807P1 Handle (Sand Gray)  
148A2238 Return Spring, Rear of Escutcheon  
295B445P221 Stationary Contacts, "X" Relay  
295B445P222 Moving Contacts, "X" Relay  
295B445P223 Springs, Moving Contacts,
"X" Relay
55-152313G20 Contact Set (Stationary and Moving Contacts with Spring),
"X" Relay
55-650318P1 Molded Moving Arm, "X" Relay  
55155044 Armature Return Spring,
 "X" Relay
622C501P1 Cover, "X" Relay  
622C501P2 Jumper, "X" Relay  
622C502G1 Shunt Trip Device  
296C282G2 Instantaneous Undervoltage Device, A-C  
269C282G5 Instantaneous Undervoltage Device, D-C  
269C282G1 Time Delay Dashpot for Undervoltage Device  
6172594 Spring, for Undervoltage Device  
269C299G2 Bell Alarm Device  
6293908G275 Terminal Board, 6 Poles  
6293908G274 Terminal Board, 10 Poles  
846C865G1 Link and Bushing for Auxiliary Switch  
6314936P1 Cover for Auxiliary Switch,
 1 Stage
6314936P2 Cover for Auxiliary Switch,
2 Stages
6314936P3 Cover for Auxiliary Switch,
5 Stages
295B475P2 Base for Wall Mounted,
General Purpose Breaker
394A144P1 Angle for Wall Mounted,
General Purpose Breaker
275B995P1 Terminal for Wall Mounted,
General Purpose Breaker
695C131P1 Terminal for Wall Mounted,
General Purpose Breaker
394A106P1 Cable Clamp for Wall Mounted,
General Purpose Breaker
457A673G1 Cable Clamp for Wall Mounted, General Purpose Breaker  
269C276G2 Maintenance Handle

412A140 Spring
419A366P1 Prop
6414743P1 Cam  
457A626G1 Link Assembly  
6447099P1 Pin  
394A133P11 Retainer  
6203985P1 Spring  
6555414P2 Coupling
412A413P3 Clevis  
412A405P414 Pin  
423A394P2 Pin  
6447744P1 Pin  
457A610G1 Reset Latch  
6444916P1 Latch bolt  
6414764P1 Latch  
6403348 Spring  
698C993G1 Prop  
377A871P2 Prop Shaft Bearing  
394A133P9 Retainer  
457A622G1 Link Assembly  
6447099P1 Pin  
6447091P1 Pin  
6447331P1 Spring Guide (Upper)  
148A2213 Spring Reset (Inner)  
148A2214 Spring Reset (Outer)  
6447353P1 Spring Guide (Lower)  
6203914G1 Spring Support Assembly  
457A627G1 Buffer Assembly  
383A671G2 Counter Weight  
6403366 Trip Shaft Return Spring  
848C0487P1 Latch  
889B0410G1 Reset Latch  
412A412P2 Prop Stop  
412A412P1 Prop Stop  
269C267G5 Trip Paddle  
265B248P1 Side Frame, Right, DC  
265B248P2 Side Frame, Left, AC  
265B248P2 Side Frame, Left, DC  
265B249P1 Baffle, AC  
372A498G1 Baffle, DC  
265B229P1 Cap, AC  
6555518P2 Cap, DC  
371A206P1 Block, AC  
371A206P2 Block, DC  
371A205P1 Magnet, AC  
371A205P2 Magnet, DC  
371A207P1 Compound Support, AC  
372A464P2 Compound Support, DC  
371A209P1 Steel Back Plate, AC  
371A209P2 Steel Back Plate, DC  
6414494P1 Pocket Barrier, Right, AC  
6414494P1 Pocket Barrier, Right, DC  
6414494P2 Pocket Barrier, Left, AC  
6414494P2 Pocket Barrier, Left, DC  
6414493P1 Side Barrier, AC  
6414493P1 Side, Barrier, DC  
6414492P1 Inner Barrier, AC  
6414492P1 Inner Barrier, DC  

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